Questions? Call us: +91 845 102 5550
Questions? Call us: +91 845 102 5550


Prefect Laser solution’s has been in the CNC machine industry since the year 2010. Having humble origins in CNC oxy fuel cutting machines, with steady progress into the field of Plasma and eventually having a go ahead with the CNC laser machine technology.


One can say that we have been born and brought up in the field of CNC metal cutting machines.



We are a team of engineers and technocrats that have a combined experience of over 50 years in the field of Automation and Metal Fabrication.

As our company has deep roots in the field of metal fabrication and CNC automation, we can provide the customers with unmatched expertise in the field of CNC metal cutting machines.

we also have the knowledge and know how of metal cutting operations, which allows us to not only provide with mechanical solutions, like providing the right equipment for the job, but we can also provide cutting solutions as well, where our experts guide the customer when it comes to cutting of intricate designs or handling highly reflective materials like Aluminium, Brass or Copper.